Top 5 Privacy Trees

The five best privacy tree options in northern Georgia

July 7, 2020

We all need a bit of privacy in our lives, no more so than when relaxing in our backyard. Choosing the right privacy tree option for your northern Georgia property can help keep you shielded from your neighborhood's prying eyes and let you create your own private oasis. Although you could install a high wooden fence, it's an unsightly option. That is why many homeowners prefer the aesthetic appeal of planting a living and sustainable privacy tree. However, choosing the right privacy tree can be difficult, so here at EastLake Tree & Lawn Services we have put together a top five privacy tree option list for your property.

1. Sky Pencil Holly

Sky Pencil Holly

If your property is short on space, then the Sky Pencil Holly is a fantastic option for your backyard as it only requires a very small area to thrive in. However, it's important to remember that overwatering this tree can quickly lead to rot, so make sure you install in an environment with proper drainage.

  • Height Range: 8ft-10ft
  • Width Range: 2ft
  • Sunlight Required: 3hrs/day minimum
  • Planting Procedures: This tree can grow in the ground as well as decorative pots.

2. Spartan Juniper

Spartan Juniper

Another excellent option for those yards limited with space is the Spartan Juniper. When planted in a row, they can provide complete privacy as well as give your backyard a regal and high-end appearance. They are also a fantastic windbreak. Just like the Sky Pencil Holly, Spartan Junipers do not need much water, so to prevent rot make sure you do not overwater.

  • Height Range: 15ft maximum
  • Width Range: 3ft-5ft
  • Sunlight Required: 6hrs/day minimum
  • Planting Procedures: Ensure your tree is in a position to get a lot of sunlight and will not be at risk of overwatering. It is also not advised to prune them too heavily.

3. Leyland Cypress

Leyland Cypress

The Leyland Cypress is a popular privacy tree for northern Georgia thanks to its fast growth and robust features. This tree is an excellent option for protecting your backyard from the elements, and is also proven to reduce noise. Good drainage is vital for their growth, and hot summers are also not a good mix for the Leyland Cypress.

  • Height Range: 40ft-70ft
  • Width Range: 30ft maximum
  • Sunlight Required: 6hrs/day ideal
  • Planting Procedures: Suitable for any yard with good drainage, although they are not suitable for high-temperature areas

4. Hybrid Willow Tree

Hybrid Willow Tree

The Hybrid Willow Tree is one of the fastest-growing privacy trees in northern Georgia, and they grow fantastically in hot and cold conditions, making them extremely popular. They can grow incredibly high, so make sure that you have the room in your backyard in terms of height and width.

  • Height Range: 50ft-75ft
  • Width Range: 20ft maximum
  • Sunlight Required: 3hrs-6hrs/day
  • Planting Procedures: Hybrid Willow Trees require lots of water and space, so make sure you have the room before planting.

5. Eastern Red Cedar

Eastern Red Cedar

If you have a large backyard, the Eastern Red Cedar is a great option to provide full protection from the elements and reduce noise pollution. They can grow extremely tall and wide, so make sure you have the room before planting.

  • Height Range: 40ft-60ft
  • Width Range: 20ft maximum
  • Sunlight Required: 3hrs-6hrs/day
  • Planting Procedures: These trees can grow very big, so make sure you plant them away from power lines or neighboring yards.

Not sure the right privacy tree for your northern Georgia home? Get in touch with our expert team today, and we can find the perfect solution for your home!


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