Is my tree dying?

Tips on how to assess your tree's health

Under normal circumstances trees are safe

Unfortunately there are times when they become welcoming hosts to harmful pests/rodents and create hazardous conditions. These trees are known as  ‘hazard trees’. All trees must be properly maintained and potential threats identified quickly to prevent harm to people or damage to property.

Here are a few tell tale signs you have a hazard tree on your property

  • Check for overall balance. If a tree is leaning or lopsided, it poses a greater risk of causing harm than the trees which are balanced.
  • Are there dead branches in the tree? Dead branches can be easily snapped-off by wind and rain.
  • Are there detached or crossed branches hanging from the tree? Crossed branches have inherent weak points which make them likely to fall off. Look for branches which are rubbing against the roof surface because they can easily damage the roofing system.
  • Does the tree have cavities or rotten wood along the trunk, or in major branches?
  • Are there mushrooms present at the base of the tree?
  • Are there cracks or splits in the branches or trunk of the tree?
  • Has lowered soil level, pavement, side walk installation or other construction damaged the root system?
  • Are the leaves prematurely falling or changing color and size?
  • Has the tree been over-pruned or extremely topped?

Removing a tree should always be a last resort

However, if you find it necessary to do so, you should call EastLake Tree & Lawn Services to get the job done right. Experience is vital when removing trees around your loved ones and property. At EastLake Tree & Lawn Services our tree service professionals have years of experience with ladders, climbing gear, ropes, bucket trucks and stump grinders which insures that we can handle any tree removal project from start to finish.

Average businesses and home owners aren’t experienced to identify the clues that a tree is developing problems. Reading articles like this can be helpful but actual experience is essential for accurately assessing whether a tree has issues that present danger.

Routine inspection is vital to ensuring that trees on your property do not pose a hazard to people or property. A professional assessment by a tree expert begins with an diagnosis of the tree’s overall health. This includes considering the specie of tree and known tendencies toward defects. For example, maples tend to form weak branch unions which tend to break readily under storm conditions. It also includes evaluating the tree’s age and size and the number of defects present.

An inspection could reveal more than dead wood needing removal. It could also reveal problems from the ground to the top. When twig dieback appears in the crown it can be a sign of root damage. If signs of extensive root decay are detected, hazard tree removal should be scheduled promptly. The weight of the tree’s canopy could topple it quite unexpectedly. Co-dominant stems in the crown of a tree can also indicate a potential hazard. Rot may be hidden in the bark between these stems. The next storm could snap the tree. As a company which provides tree services in the Atlanta Metro area, storm destruction is something we are aware of and prepared for. Give us a call if you are in need of Emergency Tree Service.


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