Common vines in Atlanta Georgia!

Here's a list of common vines.

March 16, 2021

Check out these vines

Are you hoping to transform the look of your property? No matter whether it is outside or inside the home, a well-cared and maintained vine can add stunning visuals and gorgeous aromas to any area. To help you choose the right solution for your home, we’ve put together our guide to some of the most common…

American Wisteria/Wisteria frutescens

The American Wisteria is commonly found in the southern states and is popular thanks to its gorgeous blue flowers. It is frequently found growing in areas of heavy moisture, such as swamps and along rivers. As a deciduous vine, it can grow up to 30 feet, and it will grow best in areas of good sunlight. The seeds can be toxic, so the American Wisteria is not always the best option for areas with children or pets.

Carolina Jessamine/Gelsemium sempervirens

A native vine of the southeast, the Carolina Jessamine is capable of surviving in hot summers and mild winters with the occasional frost. It thrives best in sunny locations, and it can grow up to 20 feet in the right conditions. Many homeowners choose this vine thanks to its beautiful yellow flowers, which provide a gorgeous fragrance.

Climbing Hydrangea/Decumaria barbara

With large, fragrant white flowers and dark green heart-shaped leaves, the Climbing Hydrangea is a gorgeous vine to include in any backyard. The plant is capable of growing up to 80 feet, but it can also survive being regularly pruned to a shorter length.

Crossvine/Bignonia capreolata

The Crossvine is a robust plant and offers a stunning orange and yellow flower in the springtime. These bell-shaped flowers can appear in early April and typically last around four weeks. Native to the United States, the vine thrives best in sunny conditions and is capable of growing up to 50 feet.

Dwarf Smilax, Sarsparilla Vine/Smilax pumila

The Smilax vine is an edible plant growing in popularity and helps to provide any garden with a unique and natural beauty. It prefers growing on moist woods, but it can also grow in drier conditions. The vine is capable of quickly growing up any space, so careful and regular maintenance is required if planting in a garden.

Lanceleaf Smilax, Sweet-Scented Smilax/Smilax smallii

Otherwise known as the bamboo vine, the Lanceleaf Smilax features a thornless stem and blooms dark black berries every winter, making it a popular choice for gardens. The high-climbing plant can grow up to eight feet, and small yellowish flowers often bloom along the ends of the branches.

Trumpet Honeysuckle/Lonicera sempervirens

Although the Trumpet Honeysuckle is a vigorous vine, it is not considered aggressive and is a popular choice for gardens thanks to the bright red flowers it blooms. For best growth, it requires up around six hours of sunlight a day and is capable of growing up to 15 feet in length, working their way around fences and trellises.

Virginia Creeper/Parthenocissus quinquefolia

A very fast-growing vine, the Virginia Creeper is very popular as it can grow in almost any soil or light situation. Featuring green leaves, these turn a stunning red in the fall, and it requires very little maintenance and care. Without any maintenance, the vine is capable of growing up to 90 feet, so annual trimming is recommended.

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