Tree Cutting Services

Tree Pruning & Removal

The foundation of our service is safety which is paramount for both our workers as well as the property we are servicing. Combined we have over 20 years of experience pruning, trimming and removing trees of all sizes on residential and commercial property. We utilize manual tree removal techniques as well as crane removal methods whenever necessary. We are experts in dealing with Georgia’s trees, climate, and terrain. We take pride in speed and efficiency. If you require 24/7 emergency tree removal services give us a call and we will happily assist you. You can count on us!

Stump Grinding & Removal

Do you have an unsightly tree stump detracting from the natural beauty of your property? Allow us to safely remove this eyesore and get your yard looking the way you envision it. Whether you want the stump ground to grade level or you would prefer the whole stump removed. We will get the job done correctly.

Sod Installation & Seeding

Would you like to have the greenest lawn on the block? We install the best blends of bermuda and zoysia on the market so your lawn can stand out. Both types of sod are bred for increased drought tolerance and disease resistance in north Georgia. Call us and we’ll help you choose which type of sod is best for your situation or if aeration & over-seeding would provide the results you desire.

Community Service

At EastLake Tree & Lawn Services we value educating our neighbors on how to properly care and maintain trees. Atlanta is known worldwide for our gorgeous canopy and it’s all of our responsibility to care for it properly.


Fall Clean Up

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Give us a call to assesses your diseased, dying, dead or hazardous trees. For every 2 trees we remove, you'll get the 3rd tree removed for free!

Expires 12/31/2023

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