24/7 Emergency Tree Services

In a storm damage situation quick action is critical to limiting further damage and preserving property value.

Here are a few reasons for you to call EastLake Tree & Lawn Services for storm damage tree removal and clean up.

1. Weak or broken branches and limbs are now more likely to fall.
2. Trees may fall on your home or vehicle, block your driveway, break fence posts, or damage your neighbor’s home.
3. Damage may be invisible; a heavy storm might have saturated the roots and weakened the tree from within.
4. Branch removal and tree removal may be too dangerous to do yourself.

Our arbor care specialists stay on call 24-7 to help you in case of any tree related wind or storm damage. Our crews have received specialized training and years of experience with the complex removal of trees from houses and vehicles. Typically we can have an emergency tree removal crew onsite to your storm-damaged property within one to two hours. When we arrive at your property, we’ll quickly assess the situation and take care of any immediate dangers to prevent further damage. After careful evaluation by our crew, we’ll explain to you what needs to be done. If we’re presenting you multiple solutions then we will explain the pros and cons of each. Our goal is to give you all of the critical information so you can make the best choice for you and your property. Here at EastLake Tree and Lawn Services safety is our priority. Our tree service professionals receive continuous training on proper safety procedures to protect your family and your property. In order to keep everyone safe, our crews always follow the standard procedures listed below.

Storms have the capability to dole out untold levels of damage

1. Ground crews wear safety gear and place safety devices to control pedestrian and vehicular traffic.
2. Appropriate head, eye and ear protection is worn by all crew members.
3. All climbers use tree saddles and safety lines when working above 20 feet.
4. Large limbs are lowered to the ground using ropes and rigging.
5. Only trained employees are allowed to work within 10 feet of an energized line.

Regular tree maintenance can reduce the chance of damage to your trees

You can decrease the risk of storm damage with routine tree maintenance, also referred to as preventative pruning or structural pruning. Regular tree maintenance can reduce the chance of damage to your trees by removing weak, dead or dying branches before they have a chance to break. Crown cleaning and crown reduction lessens wind resistance by removing small branches to allow wind to easily pass through the crown of a tree. Trees can topple when the crown is so thick that the wind can't pass through. In addition, we have several certified arborists on staff who can inspect your trees for insect infestation and diseases as they can weaken trees and make them more susceptible to breakage. It makes sense for Atlanta homeowners to invest in regular maintenance pruning as it can save stress, time and money when damage is avoided. Trees that are old, diseased, or otherwise damaged need to be removed for other reasons as well. Letting a tree sit on your property is not a good idea, as it could have negative effects on your remaining plant life. Rotting logs that are left alone can attract a variety of different pests, including carpenter ants and termites, that can eat away at your other plant life and even cause structural damage to your home. By removing the tree, you can avoid these pests and keep the structural integrity of your property at a high level. It’s never fun dealing with storm damage or downed trees so the staff at EastLake Tree & Lawn Services would like to make the situation as stress free as possible for you. We utilize cabling, stump grinding, tree pruning and a variety of other services. When you're looking for a company in the area that provides you with high quality results for a reasonable price, you can be sure that  EastLake Tree & Lawn Services has you covered.


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